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Name: Peter J Chadwick
Performance Name: A Soggy
Instruments:  Guitar and Lead Singer
Style: Bluegrass & Folk
Biographical Detail

I was born & raised in Rochdale, Lancashire, and I have a Sister who teaches Piano and plays the local Church Organ, my late Father played the Violin with Dance bands in the 1930's and 40's, and my Daughter plays the Keyboard and is self taught, so you could say the musical bug is in the family.

I live in Llanrwst with my soulmate Alice and her Sister Dorothy, we run a small B&B locally, we are also the Trustee's for the Conwy County Mencap Llandudno Ltd.

My musical playing started 12 years ago when my full time teaching career ended with early retirement and having been offered retraining, I with Tongue in cheek,  asked  if this could be spent learning a musical instrument, to my amazement they said yes, providing I was prepared to pass on knowledge gained to others, so off I went and found an excellent guitar tutor who told me this will be a long process, and yes, he was right, I am still learning, BIG TIME.

I joined the Soggy's, having met Jim, Glyn, and Brian at the "Bluegrass Club", which led to further friends Vince and Ed. I really enjoy playing music with like minded friends, knowing that all our efforts are rewarded with monies distributed to worthy causes around Wales, long may it continue.

My Musical influences have to be Rock & Roll and Folk, most of the 60's era, Bob Dylan, Eric Clapton, Jimi Hendrix, Eagles, Beatles, hoping this wont give away my age.


ROCK ON & Keep smiling






Alice, I really do have a Soggy Bottom





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